The New Year is beckoning. This always is the time that people make resolutions to follow, things that are super important to them and then promptly lose their determination and drive a few days or weeks later. I have never been one to make such resolutions. The things I want to achieve have always and will always be a work in progress. Much like me. I seem to always be evolving and changing, yet somehow, I manage to always stay the same. That could be a blessing. At least I will always know where I have come from.

Where I have come from is not always a bad place. I learn a lot from good things happening too. I have been blessed with family and friends who care about me, I am in good health (well, that I know of anyways!), I have food, shelter, and clothing. I am obtaining an education in something that I love to do and plan on making a career out of it. There is not too much that I can complain about. Even if I did, no one really wants to hear about it. There is always someone worse off than I am. Besides, who wants to be around someone who is always complaining and is never satisfied or happy? We all have our issues, and even though yours maybe worse than mine, or vise versa, who are we to say that what someone else is going through isn’t bad? If it’s bad for them, then it is bad. Simply put.

I guess I am just tired of hearing all the complaints that people have about things they can’t control. I know I am guilty of this myself. Whining for a bit is OK, but to be downright negative all the time is not. The more negativity we send out, the more that comes back into our lives. Even if we are not consciously aware of what we are sending out. I guess if I had to make a resolution, it would be to continue inviting positivity into my life. I have finally realized that that is what my problem was. The second I started thinking positively and really began believing my thoughts, the second things started to go well for me, and I started feeling better about everything in general. I have my moments or even days where I am not so positive and I have come to recognize that that is okay too. Sometimes you just need to acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel them. I notice that when I do this, it’s easier to come back to the light, so to speak.

I guess I just don’t understand how people can get so wrapped up in material things like money and possessions. Sure, I like shiny nice things too, but they are not the sole reason I survive. Same goes for getting wrapped up in the drama of someone else’s life. I can create enough drama for myself. I don’t need yours thanks. This also goes for people who get upset by the decisions that others make that they don’t like or agree with. If it’s not directly affecting you, get over it. It’s not your business so butt out and concentrate on yourself. Otherwise, you will never be happy. And no one can help you in that but yourself.

Alright, enough spewing. Sheesh. I don’t even know where all that came from!

Later taters!

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