“Nobody is courageous all the time. The unknown is a constant challenge, and being afraid is part of the journey.
What to do? Talk to yourself. Talk alone. Talk to yourself even if others think you have gone crazy. As we talk, an inner force gives us the security to overcome the obstacles that need to be surmounted. We learn lessons from the defeats that we are bound to suffer. And we prepare ourselves for the many victories that will be part of our life.
And just between you and me, those who have this habit (and I’m one of them) know that they never talk alone: the guardian angel is there, listening and helping us to reflect.”

I receive a newsletter from author Paulo Coehlo, usually bi-weekly, and his thought are always so insightful and profound. Somehow I always finish reading them and feel so much better about the things going on in my life. It’s like he knows what’s going on with me and knows just what to say. I laughed when he mentioned talking to yourself.” I do it all the time and I know that I come off as crazy. I love how he mentions that we are never really talking only to ourselves. I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, but I do believe in a higher power and I do believe in guardian angels. I like the thought of not actually talking to myself, but rather to my guaridan. It makes me think about all the times that I have felt alone and like no one was listening to me. It’s comforting to think that someone was.

The video link above is from The Secret. It’s a cool clip. I found it to be pretty inspirational and uplifting. Makes you feel like anything is possible. Life is what you make of it. Choose to happy and you will be. Pick your successes and focus on making what you want come to fruition. Good things come to those who will it. What are you willing into your life? What do you believe in?
I’ve decided to make it a motto for the few years that I have left at school. I choose to believe in my success. I choose to believe in my capabilities. If I choose to believe, then I shall receive. It’s as simple as that.

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